High fiveAfter years spent dreaming about your retirement, you’re finally there. All that planning and saving is going to pay off. Of course, your happiness doesn’t depend solely on the amount of money you have saved. Remember these 5 crucial factors which will ensure a great retirement.

Don’t pressure yourself. When you were working, life was all about meeting goals and quotas. Without that daily pressure to succeed, you could feel a little lost. Keep in mind that retirement is the start of a new life. Work, strict deadlines, and constant pressure made up your old life; now it’s time to do whatever you want!

And on that note…. change your image of yourself. For years, you thought of yourself as an accountant, a professor, an electrician, a pharmacist… Your identity was tied to your work. Now that you’ve stopped working, don’t allow yourself to feel as though you’ve lost your identity. It’s time to pick a new one: Grandpa, sailor, gardener, traveler… The world is yours for the taking.

Choose a new hobby, or revisit an old one. Part of your new identity may be tied to your hobbies. Maybe you spent your work years dreaming about all the things you’d do in retirement. Now is the time to do them! But it’s also important to try new things, possibly even things you never before considered. Seeking new opportunities will keep you feeling young and invigorated.

Nourish your relationships. Most people are happier when they fill their lives with social interaction rather than material things. Remember to let your relationships with friends, siblings, grandchildren, or your significant other take center stage. Without the constant pressure of your work life, you can spend real quality time with your loved ones.

Have no regrets. Live each day to its fullest. Even a simple drive on a scenic parkway or a relaxing picnic can make ordinary days seem special.