One thing I’ve always appreciated about Jim is that he seems to live the life he sells you. By that I mean that security for the family comes first. And really, what else is money about?

Kent B.

I have been drawn to Jim because of his integrity, honesty and positive outlook on life that has never wavered during these past 20 plus years of association. Throughout life we are always looking for people we can look up to and completely trust — whether with family or finances — Jim is one of those people.

Jay B.

We would recommend Jim to anyone we know. He is both honest and trustworthy. He is careful to explain everything he does so we feel comfortable with our financial decisions.

Shirley J.

Jim does not have a cookie cutter approach. Rather, he listens to what I want and finds the right financial instrument to meet my needs. I am so thankful for Jim’s advice and plan on staying with him for the long haul.

Shauna S.

Partnering with Jim Lee has developed into a relationship of trust and confidence, knowing that he will go above and beyond to give my clients sound retirement advice. All of the clients I have sent to Jim are extremely satisfied to know they will be able to retire with a solid financial plan.

Kristin Rayder

You make me lots of money with great investments! I like the birthday lunches also!

Beth Hostetler

Jim Lee is in it for the long haul, 20 plus years and counting….

Paula Worley

: I love Jim Lee because you helped me help my Mom ❤️.

Diane McQuarrie

Jim Lee took such great care of mom’s finances and made a big difference in her life.

Kathleen Arnold

Jim, every time I went to your house as a little girl to sell Girl Scout cookies or wrapping paper you bought 10x the average person! You generous, soul, you! ❤️.

Olivia Shareen

Jim is the best! Known him about 30 years and he has been of great help.

Cheryl Sulek

Just met Jim and he helped me more than I expected. He also is keeping me posted of what to expect. Thank you!

Penny Atlee