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One of the things we often find ourselves saying to our clients is, save as much as possible for retirement. After all, it’s hard to argue that someone could potentially save too much money! But saving for retirement can be difficult for many people prioritize, even though there is overwhelming evidence to prove they should.

If you’re one of those people who find it difficult to save for retirement, follow these steps to scrape up an extra thousand dollars in 2016. Make it your New Year’s resolution!

Trim your monthly expenses. Gather all of your monthly bills and look for small ways you can cut back on expenses. Are you subscribing to any services or publications that you don’t really need? Do you have both cable and internet services, even though you could really cut the cable and stream your favorite shows? Are you paying for separate, expensive cell phone plans, or would bundling them be a better deal? What about prepaid phone services, which are usually about half the cost of major networks? Have you compared auto and homeowners insurance rates lately? When you’re willing to do a little detective work, you can find small ways to save a few dollars here and there – and that adds up quickly.

Put an end to impulse purchases. While you’re looking at those credit and debit card statements, notice any charges you’ve made due to impulse purchases. These are often the result of online shopping (which doesn’t feel “real” because your favorite websites store your card info, and you don’t even have to get your card out of your wallet to make a purchase). Remove shopping apps from your phone, and delete credit card info from your favorite websites. You can still enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but you’ll have to think twice about purchases in the future.

Be honest about your eating habits. Take a look at your credit and debit card statements, and you might discover that you eat in restaurants about twice as often as you thought you did. On busy nights, it can be tempting to go out to eat, but it eats a hole in your budget quickly. Stock up on easy frozen meals, or cook double portions so that you can heat up leftovers when you’re too tired to cook.

Ask about company perks. Many companies provide money-saving perks, such as free cell phone plans or gym memberships. Ditch your more expensive option and take advantage of any savings offered by your employer.

A thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money, but it’s only 84 dollars per month over the course of a year. By implementing just a few of the above strategies, almost anyone can save an extra grand for retirement each year. Over the years, the accumulating interest on that money will make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle.

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