Couple in convertible car smilingLong ago, you may have created a mental picture of your ideal retirement. Or, you may have just gone where the wind blew you. Either way, at some point during your retirement you may find yourself feeling dissatisfied. Rather than waste the best time of your life on decisions you regret, take these steps to reboot your retirement.

Ask yourself this important question: Are my goals still working for me? Some people move to retire in a particular location, or they set a goal such as staying in the home they have owned for forty years. But what if you moved to live near grandchildren, and now they’ve grown up and moved away to college? What if that old house causes you too many headaches from cleaning and repairs? Ask yourself honestly whether your old retirement goals are still working for you.

Try something new. Perhaps you spent years dreaming about pursuing a particular hobby during retirement, but after a year or two, you realize it’s just not that fulfilling. Be open to trying something new! This is the perfect time of your life to experiment and rediscover yourself.

Don’t be a spectator. In the beginning of your retirement, you may have enjoyed art museums, going to the theater, or watching golf tournaments on television. But after a while, you may not find the same enjoyment in spectator events. Instead, why not funnel your interests into more active outings? Enroll in a painting class instead of going to the museum, get involved in your local theater troupe, or take golf lessons from a local country club.

View your life as a work in progress. Life is not a race to the finish line, even though it may have felt that way during your working years. You don’t have to stick to the same retirement dreams you first established thirty years ago. If something doesn’t work for you, discard it and move forward. Retirement offers you the time and freedom to pursue the life you want, so get out there and find yourself!