Mature couple with cake.Your parents’ generation planned for retirement, knowing that they might live another ten years or so after ending their careers. They also anticipated the need for a nursing home at some point toward the end of their lives, in the event that they might suffer a serious accident or illness. Your parents and grandparents planned for these events from a financial perspective, but nursing homes were viewed mostly as an inevitable necessity, not an option.

Today, we can look toward our futures in a much more optimistic light. The current generation of pre-retirees can expect to live twenty, thirty, or even more years once they retire. This means we must pay special attention to ensuring a stable form of income in retirement. We also should consider our greater options with regard to senior living opportunities. The typical nursing home is becoming a thing of the past, and seniors now enjoy greater options with regard to medically supported residential situations.

Today’s seniors don’t want to retire to a bed, attended by nurses and the occasional visit from family members. They expect to enjoy a greater quality of life, even when they need some degree of medical support, and new living centers reflect those priorities.

In the event that you eventually need long-term nursing care, you might be able to choose from a traditional nursing home or an assisted living center. Available amenities include swimming pools, exercise classes, recreational opportunities, and transportation to special events. Some assisted living centers encourage their residents to stay involved with their communities or even attend college classes. Some seniors even move into special villages, in which each retains their own home, but they are visited by a nurse or personal care assistant each day. Lawn care, transportation, and help with tasks such as grocery shopping might be provided.

While this trend reflects an encouraging trend toward better quality of life for senior citizens, it’s important to note that such services aren’t free. These new senior living centers will be developed with quality in mind, but funding for them will still fall on the individual. As you plan for retirement, remember to discuss the cost of long-term nursing care with us.  We can help you to plan adequately now, and then be better able to enjoy these expanded living options in the future.  Call Mercedes at (760) 436-1711 to schedule an appointment.