Legacy Planning

For many individuals planning for the road ahead, taking care of a spouse, children and grandchildren is at the top of the priority list. By working with our experienced team of professionals, we’ll educate you on the options available and help you feel confident that you never have to choose between your future and your loved ones.

Jim Lee Financial was built on a foundation of putting family first. That’s why we’ve created a network of strategic partners who can help ensure your estate is in order and you have updated versions of the legal documents you need in case life’s “what ifs” become reality. We can put in place strategies for protecting you in case of long-term care or disability without sacrificing access to your assets or your planned legacy. We’ll also conduct a beneficiary review to be sure that when you pass, your assets will be left to your loved ones or the charity of your choice … NOT the IRS.

Find out why passing on wealth to your heirs without creating an unnecessary tax burden may be easier than you think with the right support.

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