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In Our Clients’

Cheryl Sulek
Jim is the best! Known him about 30 years and he has been of great help.
Paula Worley
Jim Lee is in it for the long haul, 20 plus years and counting....
Kristin Rayder
Partnering with Jim Lee has developed into a relationship of trust and confidence, knowing that he will go above and beyond to give my clients sound retirement advice. All of the clients I have sent to Jim are extremely satisfied to know they will be able to retire with a solid financial plan.
Penny Atlee
Just met Jim and he helped me more than I expected. He also is keeping me posted of what to expect. Thank you!
Diane McQuarrie
I love Jim Lee because you helped me help my Mom ❤️.
Kathleen Arnold
Jim Lee took such great care of mom’s finances and made a big difference in her life.
Olivia Shareen
Jim, every time I went to your house as a little girl to sell Girl Scout cookies or wrapping paper you bought 10x the average person! You generous, soul, you! ❤️.
Shauna S.
Jim does not have a cookie cutter approach. Rather, he listens to what I want and finds the right financial instrument to meet my needs. I am so thankful for Jim's advice and plan on staying with him for the long haul.
Beth Hostetler
You make me lots of money with great investments! I like the birthday lunches also!
Jim M.
I think that I am set now with the good account you got me into. It did originate from my 401-K in my "corporate years", before rolling that. It is always good hearing from you and I know you and Mercedes are always there (I sleep better at night)!


Retire On Your Terms

Enjoying a comfortable lifestyle in retirement shouldn’t mean choosing between your future and your family’s. At Jim Lee Financial, we’ve spent more than 25 years offering low-risk, long-term solutions for helping our clients achieve financial peace of mind. Whether you’re only months from retirement or are just entering the workforce, contact us to serve as a trusted resource for aligning your needs with strategies to meet them.

Thank you Encinitas! Jim lee financial was Voted Best of  Wealth management firms for 2021!

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Encourage Others to Retire Well

By consistently delivering on our commitment to treat clients like family, Jim Lee Financial is proud to have grown our business primarily on client referrals. If you have family members, friends or coworkers who are concerned about navigating market swings and preparing successfully for retirement, we can provide them with a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

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