What Jim Lee Financial can do for you

Preparing for your future while protecting your family’s is no small task. It’s critical you consider your income sources, debts, desired lifestyle, and intent to leave a legacy to loved ones or the charity of your choice. In addition to these factors, there are so many unknowns that make it difficult to plan, including the fate of Social Security, the demise of traditional pensions, and the possibility of rising inflation and taxes.To compound problems, many Americans aren’t adequately saving for retirement. The great thing is that it’s never too soon or too late to get started. When you decide to work with Jim Lee Financial, we’ll set up an initial meeting to review your current financial situation and gain a better understanding of opportunities for improving your retirement outlook. We then work with estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other strategic partners to help make sure the things that matter to you most are protected.Whether you’re interested in creating an income stream to last your lifetime, identifying strategies for maintaining the wealth you’ve created, providing a legacy for others or all of the above, contact us to find out more about how we can help. For details on some of our most popular services, use the buttons at the right.